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About TraDEXsocial

We take the guesswork out of your trading process.

A combination of user friendly mining client and a decentralized social trading crypto exchange to form the first complete crypto ecosystem able to guide people through their crypto experience. On our platform you can mine cryptocurrency on any smart device and copy the most profitable traders multiplying your earnings without the prior need of relevant knowledge.

The TraDEXsocial ecosystem is designed equally for people unfamiliar with the crypto market and for experienced users looking for new ways to maximize their earnings. Follow or copy the best traders using a sophisticated new ranking algorithm until you are knowledgeable and confident to start earning TraDEXsocial tokens yourself by simply letting others copy your successful deals.


Why Choose us?


Simple interface and intuitive design for optimal performance and reduction of lead time for each user


Intuitive ranking system for best traders combining Return on investment, trader volume, user voting and risk diversification


Users can follow and replicate successful operations of expert traders


Users control their own funds, no single point of failure exists, censorship or outside control is nullified and user anonymity is guaranteed

How TraDEXsocial Works?

Business model

- TraDEXsocial is taking a percentage of each social trading transaction made on the platform

- TraDEXsocial is taking a percentage of the amount mined by each miner on the platform

- TraDEXsocial is taking a percentage of each trade transaction made on the platform

Educational part

We want to create a community that serves its members. We want to start an academy that brings quality educated people to the blockchain community by combining both theory and practice.

Everyone can use TraDEXsocial Academy to:

- Learn at his own pace

- Have access to intuitive worksheets & easy to understand videos

- Use online support from the community

- Receive one on one coaching from specific experts

- Learn anything related to crypto using our online portal


TraDEXsocial uses Aeternity's native coin as its ecosystem currency. TraDEXsocial will not issue a useless utility token.

copy trading
AE tokens used as payment for copy trading

When copy trading takes place one trader allows their portfolio to be seen and/or copied by another in exchange for AE tokens.

copy trading
AE tokens ecosystem discounts

Holding of AE tokens reduces exchange fees. Additional discount of exchange fees when using the AE token as gas for internal transactions.

mobile app
AE tokens given as payment to miners

When users utilize the TraDEXsocial miner to mine coins they receive the equivalent amount of the coins mined in AE tokens.

Our Team

Yulian Asparuhov
Founder and BizDev
  • More than 11 years of experience in project management and business relations. Business owner with a passion for travel and technology
Iliya Petrov
  • 9 years of experience in business development, digital marketing & product distribution. 4 years in a management position. Blockchain enthusiast and trader since 2017
Georgi Matev
  • Legal advisor
Teodosi Gospodinov
Digital Marketing Associate
  • 5+ experience in digital marketing, taking part in creating the overall digital communication for big variety of brands, media planning and performance marketing. Bachelor degree in Finance and blockchain enthuasist.
Antoni Stoyanov
Community Director
  • Antoni has 8 years of experience in sales, business development and account management. Travel addict and technology lover.
George Balinov
Creative Director
  • George is a seasoned digital designer and founder of HYPE Digital Agency. He helps businesses and teams create digital experiences and brands that make a difference.
Evgeni Manov
UX Designer
  • Evgeni is all about creating usable and delightful online experiences. He has in-depth knowledge in design strategy, user research, information architecture, user interface design, and usability testing.
Content creator
  • Fluent in English. Passionate about Copywriting. Blockchain enthusiast.


Aeternity Ventures
  • Decentralized incubator for Blockchain startups building applications on æternity platform
Pascal Tallarida
  • Fintech Entrepreneur, Senior Forex Trader, CEO of Jarvis Edge, Decentralized Economy Enthusiast, Blockchain Expert, International Speaker at many Fintech & Blockchain Conferences around the World.
Stoyan Angelov
Community Advisor
  • Serial entrepreneur with a lot of experience in the technology sphere. Community manager of LockTrip.com and founder and CEO of Evedo.co
Marina Shideroff
UX/UI Advisor
  • Marina Shideroff is the founder and Head of Design at Fram Creative Solutions. She has worked in the IT sector for nearly 10 years and has expertise in all areas of UX/UI, designing software, apps, websites and digital products of all kinds.
Andrew Anderson
ICO Advisor
  • Exchange Software Specialist | Liquidity Solutions |CEO | Blockchain Consultant | Investor |Public Speaker | Mentor | Crypto enthusiast

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